Alkaline Water


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Alkaline Water, What Is It?

Alkaline water has many ideal properties which offer amazing health benefits. We would like to share those benefits with you and your family.

Alkaline Water is a Powerful Antioxidant.

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Antioxidants Health Benefits

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Top 5 Reasons to try Tyent


Healthiest Water

It’s Energizing! Just look at how it stimulates your blood cells.

It’s Unbelievably Thirst-Quenching due to the molecular hydrogen in Tyent Water.

It’s Immune-Boosting! There are more antioxidants in Tyent Water than a glass of orange juice.

There are so many benefits of alkaline water that we can’t list them all here.


Easy and Convenient

The best way to drink alkaline water is fresh from the tap. Tyent units are so easy to use and will save you from lugging back bottled water (that’s not even as healthy) from the store.


Doctor Recommended!

Just look at the doctors and scientists who support the benefits of alkaline water.


Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Tyent is the only water ionizer company that offers a 75-day trial and a zero stipulations Platinum Lifetime Warranty. We know you will love Tyent Water as much as we do!



All Tyent Water Ionizers are certified chemical free. Don’t risk drinking dangerous chemicals in your water.

Molecular Hydrogen In Ionized Water

The presence of hydrogen gas gives ionized alkaline water many of its benefits. Ionized water is produced by electrolysis, enabling the ‘free’ and available hydrogen gas to dissolve into the water. It is the presence of hydrogen gas which gives alkaline water many of its benefits.

Research has shown that removing the hydrogen gas in ionized water diminishes the benefits, and perhaps unsurprisingly, adding extra hydrogen gas to the water increased the therapeutic benefits. Drinking hydrogen-rich alkaline water is the perfect way to mount a defense against free radicals, which are responsible for oxidization – or decay – within our bodies.

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Alkaline Water Ionizer Benefits

Ionized alkaline water will contain thousands of tiny bubbles when it pours out of a Tyent water ionizer. Those bubbles are molecular hydrogen, which is the antioxidant property of ionized alkaline water. Molecular hydrogen is the most fragile aspect of ionized water, lasting only a maximum of 18-24 hours, which is why it is important to consume ionized water when it is fresh out of your Tyent water ionizer.

Bottom line: what you really need is an alkaline water ionizer machine!

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Water Is Essential

Water is essential for
all known forms of life.

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Water is like the blood of the world, giving life to plants, animals and humans; our existence is explicitly connected to the quality of water available for us.

With water being so vital to your existence, ensure that you are consuming it in its purest form.

What Is Alkaline Water?

Imagine having the ability to take normal tap water and give it a special charge that can neutralize free radicals and give you the benefits mentioned above. Alkaline ionized water or Tyent Water has a negative charge called oxidation reduction potential (-ORP).

Did You Know? The Average 150lbs. Adult Body Contains Almost 12 Gallons Of Water. Almost 80% Of Our Body Is 'Water Weight'.

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Minerals That Are Ionized Are More Bio-Available.

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The body can absorb ionized minerals much more efficiently and can therefore make use of them where they are needed throughout the body. Minerals are some of the most important nutrients the body needs, yet mineral deficiency is common. Drinking Ionized Alkaline Water is an efficient and effective way for the body to get its minerals. You will find that Tyent USA is the most popular and respected water ionizer brand in the industry. Check out our media page to see who is on board with us. Please contact us with any questions or to place your order. We are happy to help get you on your way to optimal health.

Tyent USA water Ionizers give you the best water available today.