Alkaline Water Replacement Filters

MMP Series

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Edge Series

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UCE 9 & 11

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ACE Series

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Hybrid Series

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UCE 13

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Bath Ball

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Shower Filters

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Laundry ORB

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Three filters for a whole house water filter

Alkaline water is undeniably beneficial, but it all starts with the purest drinking water possible. Not all water filtration systems are created equal. Tyent USA is at the cutting edge of water ionization technology, and our filtration system is setting industry standards. Competing water machines use only one filter, but our above-counter and under-counter ionizer models include two alkaline water filters. This customized, multi-stage system is designed to cleanse your tap water of impurities. These high-quality filters are equal to those found in kidney dialysis machines.

Our MMP Series water ionization systems come with either our one-micron or 0.1-micron alkaline water filters. The standard active carbon filter sieves large suspended matter, rust, dregs, residual chlorine, and volatile organic compounds. The ultra-fine composite ceramic filter keeps the balance of ions, dissolves nutrients to create electrolytes, and offers minerals to keep your water stable. Our “Ultra Plus” filtration system features dual alkaline water replacement filters that remove everyday contaminants. These multi-stage water ionizer filters can also eliminate hundreds of poisonous toxins, including herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and much more.

Replacement water filter packs for our above-counter and under-counter ionizer models are affordable and ensure the healthiest, purest, and safest water available. As the exclusive source for water filtration, we proudly offer an assortment of filtration solutions for the home. The filter cartridges for our bath ball, shower pHresh, and ORB replacement cartridges can all remove chlorine from your water for up to six months. Our portable alkalizer contains a powerful, long-lasting filter that significantly reduces bacteria, harmful chemicals, and heavy metals from tap water.

Cell-safe hard water filters help eliminate scale build-up. It is very easy to conceal and does not require any housing. This composite pre-filter not only prevents scaling but also eliminates scale build-up, thereby improving the health and longevity of your Ionizer. If you have hard water, this is a must-have. Remineralization filters are designed for soft water, and the ingredients neutralize acidity by increasing the pH value. Tyent is home to some of the best water ionization technology money can buy, but our superior filtration technology is what sets our machines apart. If you have any questions about our water ionizer filters, please contact one of our customer support representatives today for further assistance.